Amarone Aura di Valerie

2017 aura di valerie amarone della valpolicella


First Kosher Amarone!

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First Kosher Amarone!

Amarone della Valpolicella is a wine made with partially dried grapes in Valpolicella, Veneto, North-east Italy. There are three geographical sub zones; Classico, Valpantena and ‘Est’, the extended zone. The 2017 Aura di Valerie Amarone is made in the traditional method: in late October, grapes are harvested and allowed to dry for approximately 120 days. Known as the “appassimento” technique, the drying process traditionally occurs on on straw mats or in temperature controlled drying chambers. The use of partially dried grapes helps to concentrate the juices and increases skin contact, giving the wine a very ripe, full bodied flavor.

Assemblage: Corvina Veronese (30%) Corvinone Veronese (35%) and Rondinella (35%). Aged 24 months large oak barrels. Kosher, Kosher for Passover. Not Mevushal.

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