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2018 east by northeast pinot grigio delle venezie doc


From revered winemaker Stefano Chioccioli 

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From revered winemaker Stefano Chioccioli 

The Pinot Grigio grape, a genetic color mutation of the Pinot Noir variety from France’s Burgundy region, gets its name from the Italian word “grigio”, which means grey. This is due to the fact that the grape’s skin color ranges from bluish gray to raspberry-pink. As Napoleon’s armies marched across the European continent, they brought grapes with them. It was during this time that the Pinot Grigio vine took root in Northeastern Italy and it is only here in these cooler climates that it truly achieves its finest expression, lending it a characteristic personality and especially fragrant, perfumed bouquet.

For the ’18 East by Northeast Pinot Grigio the grapes were carefully de-stemmed and then soft crushed. The must obtained after the crushing was then allowed to settle. This clarified must was then fermented in stainless steel tanks where the fresh, varietal characteristics of the grape are allowed to exalt themselves. The wine was matured for approximately 6 months. In early spring, the wine was bottled and aged for 2 months.

The color is brilliant yellow with golden highlights. On the nose the freshness is the first thing that strikes you. Broad and complex. Clean and crisp fruit ranging from tropical to yellow apple. Spiciness comes out in a delicate orange peel. Delicate floral notes. On the palate the wine is structured, intense, full-bodied with citrusy acidity and fruity and persistent finish. Dry finish.

Re: Stefano Chioccioli: Chioccioli’s experience is second to none. He has worked for wineries large and small in virtually every winemaking region of Italy and also has extensive international experience, making wines in France and Hungary. His wines have great success internationally and today more than 70 have “tre bicchieri”. Both Robert Parker and The Wine Spectator have scored several Chioccioli wines 100 points.

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