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Traditional Italian Sparkler

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Traditional Italian Sparkler

Occupying over 40,000 acres, the vineyard of Valdo Spumanti, based in the Treviso area of the Veneto has become a defining producer in the Prosecco market. The history of the Valdo Wineries in this region cannot be separated from the great natural riches of the land. Valdo’s production dates back to 1926. Since then, Valdo has given precedence to a culture of excellence, taste and know-how, earned by hard work and tireless passion.

Prosecco D.O.C. is a cheerful and lively wine, with a fruity bouquet, reminiscent of wild apples. It will pair with lighter fare, such as crudités and grilled white fish, or consider serving it as a stand-alone aperitif.


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